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Jobs are the primary training and improvement for any crew member of a Star Trader Ship.

Crew members only have a single Job, and therefore perform more limited functions on board a ship. For example, a crew member might be a Gunner and therefore responsible for manning the guns during battle.

Officers and your Captain may have up to 3 Jobs, and therefore can play a much more flexible role on board a ship. For example, an officer might be a trained as a Doctor as well as Diplomat.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Skills by Job[edit | edit source]

Depending on the Job, its practitioners will learn a primary and secondary Skill, and optionally a tertiary Skill. The number of points in each Skill is determined by its priority. Therefore, someone training in Commander will find that their Command Skill is the highest of their Skills.

Job Primary Skill Secondary Skill Tertiary Skill
Icon job crew.png
Crew Dog Ship Ops Repair Gunnery
Icon job mechanic.png
Mechanic Repair Ship Ops Electronics
Icon job electronics.png
Electronics Tech Electronics Gunnery
Icon job gunner.png
Gunner Gunnery Ship Ops
Icon job soldier.png
Soldier Rifles Evasion
Icon job pistoleer.png
Pistoleer Pistols Evasion
Icon job swordsman.png
Swordsman Melee Evasion
Icon job combatmedic.png
Combat Medic Pistols Doctor
Icon job doctor.png
Doctor Doctor Command
Icon job diplomat.png
Diplomat Negotiate Intimidate
Icon job zealot.png
Zealot Intimidate Command
Icon job navigator.png
Hyperwarp Navigator Navigation Tactics
Icon job exoscout.png
Exo-Scout Explorer Pistols Electronics
Icon job commander.png
Commander Command Tactics Intimidate
Icon job pilot.png
Pilot Pilot Navigation
Icon job merchant.png
Merchant Negotiate Tactics Command
Icon job smuggler.png
Smuggler Negotiate Electronics Navigation
Icon job pirate.png
Pirate Pilot Evasion Intimidate
Icon job bountyhunter.png
Bounty Hunter Rifles Evasion Navigation
Icon job militaryofficer.png
Military Officer Command Pistols Tactics
Icon job explorer.png
Explorer Explorer Tactics Electronics
Icon job spy.png
Spy Stealth Pistols Electronics
Icon job engineer.png
Engineer Repair Electronics
Icon job startrader.png
Star Trader Pilot Ship Ops Navigation