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Traits are special aspects or quirks that a character possesses. A newly recruited crew member starts with 3 Traits, and may gain, lose or change Traits through story events, which is called Trait Mutation.

Traits List[edit | edit source]

Name Rules Grouping Meta Score
Acid Burnt +25 Fire Resist, +25 Plasma Shielding Gearhead +1
Acrobatic NOT IMPLEMENTED; 50% avoid critical hits Agile +1
Addictive Tick NOT IMPLEMENTED; +25% that any Trait mutation will increase addictions Addictive -1
Adventurous Exhilarated by wandering new and dangerous lands, gains a Resilience % chance to recover 3 to 5 Morale whenever Exploring Spacer +1
Assertive Commanding and convinced of own authority, gains a Charisma % chance to increase Reputation bonuses by 25% whenever on Patrol Strict +1
Astute Timing +10% Dmg, +10% Critical Educated -1
Battle Scarred -2 Fortitude, +4 Wisdom, -2 Charisma, +20 Bleeding Veteran 0
Bearbuilt +2 Strength Hardy +1
Berserk +15% Dmg, +15% Critical Savage +1
Blind Focus +15% All Accuracy, -15% Parry Focused 0
Brave +2 Initiative Stalwart +1
Brilliant Expansive and lightning fast mind leaps to conclusions and solutions, +50% chance of gaining double XP Educated +2
Brute Penchant for taking out frustration on others, a loss in Morale causes an equal loss from another crew member, +2 Strength, +15% Dmg Savage -1
Calm +10% Dmg, +10% Critical, +25% To Resist Debuffs Tolerant +2
Charmer +2 Charisma Empathetic +1
Classically Trained +10% All Accuracy Worldly +1
Clepto +2 Quickness, -2 Wisdom Curious -1
Combat Nerves -10% All Accuracy, -10% Parry, -10% Dodge Veteran -1
Concentration +2 Wisdom, +1 Resilience Focused +1
Confident NOT IMPLEMENTED; +25% pass on Command tests Empathetic +2
Crippled -2 Fortitude, -1 Strength, +4 Wisdom Veteran -2
Dead Aim +15% Critical Focused +1
Death Wish +30% All Accuracy, +30% Critical, -30% Parry, -30% Dodge Veteran 0
Device Freak Special obsession with tech and devices allows equip of 2nd Gear slot, only if Officer or Captain Gearhead +2
Discreet NOT IMPLEMENTED; +25% Chance to Pass Stealth Save Agile +2
Driven Unshakable in resolve, Morale will never drop below 50, +2 Resilience Strict +2
Drunk NOT IMPLEMENTED; Addictive -1
Durable +25% Chance to Survive death in crew combat (still removed from battle) Worldly +1
Earthbound Friends Charisma % chance to learn about a new Contact when Spicing in the Hall Grav +1
Earthy +3 Fortitude Grav +1
Enduring +2 Fortitude, +2 Resilience Determined +2
Erudite +3 Wisdom, +1 Resilience Educated +1
Fearless NOT IMPLEMENTED; 50% chance to return to 60 Morale on Morale defeat in combat Determined +2
Fearsome -2 Charisma, +15% Dmg Savage 0
Flashbacks NOT IMPLEMENTED; 25% chance to start a combat stunned Veteran -2
Fleet footed +10% Dodge Agile +1
Focused +1 Quickness, +1 Fortitude, +1 Strength Determined +1
Frail -2 Fortitude, -1 Strength Educated -1
Gossip Gregarious and quick to make friends, gain +20% chance to learn a Rumor when Spicing Worldly +1
Gravity Sickness Illness from the savage pull of gravity, loss of 3 to 6 HP when landing on a world Spacer -1
Greedy Pay Rate increases by $3 every level, gains extra Morale bonus whenever paid Addictive -1
Hard Hitting +1 Armor Piercing Hardy +1
Hardened Presence NOT IMPLEMENTED; +5 Morale threshold for Mutiny Hardy +1
Hates Alta Mesa NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Baza NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Cadar NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates De Valtos NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Indies NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Jahant NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Javat NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Moklumnue NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Ottrusca NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Rychart NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Steel Song NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Thulun NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Hates Zenrin NOT IMPLEMENTED; Hatred 0
Headstrong +3 Wisdom, +3 Resilience Educated -1
Highbrow Pay Rate increases by $2 every level, suffers Morale penalty if paid as a Crew instead of Officer Educated -1
Hyperwarp Sickness Wrenching experience of Hyperwarp travel causes sickness, loss of 3 to 10 HP when jumping Hyperwarp Grav -1
Ill-Tempered Surly and morose, Morale never rises above 80 Focused -1
Inspiring +2 Charisma Stalwart +1
Intimidating Savage +1
Iron Spine +3 Resilience Tolerant +1
Jaded -75% Chance of Morale Change Veteran 0
Listener Empathetic and approachable, a gain in Morale causes an equal gain for another crew member, +2 Initiative Spacer +2
Loves De Valtos NOT IMPLEMENTED; Love 0
Loves Indies NOT IMPLEMENTED; Love 0
Loyal Committed to the ship, the captain and the crew, has only a 20% chance to abandon the ship due to low Morale Stalwart +1
Magnetic Captivating personality keeps people in your orbit, 10% + Charisma chance that crew will not abandon when at critically low Morale, only if Officer or Captain Empathetic +1
Mechsync NOT IMPLEMENTED; +25% Chance to Pass Repair Test Gearhead +2
Mediator NOT IMPLEMENTED; +25% pass on Negotiation tests Empathetic +2
Menacing NOT IMPLEMENTED; 25% to pass Intimidation Saves Savage +2
Merciless Reveling in the absolute defeat and ruthless death of enemies, gains +10 Morale whenever enemy ship is destroyed Savage +1
Moody Volatile temperament brings down energy, 50% to double all negative Morale changes Grav 0
Mysterious Perplexing and good at hiding the truth of things, this one has 50% resistance to hidden Traits being discovered Curious -1
Obdurate Stubborn and stuck in old ways, 25% chance of not gaining XP Determined -1
Obedient Pay Rate increase when leveling is 80% less likely Empathetic +1
Observant Always alert and looking for more, gain +10% rewards whenever Exploring Tolerant +1
Obsessive Constantly fixating on something good or bad, double all negative or positive Morale changes, +5% Critical Addictive +1
Other Fascination NOT IMPLEMENTED; gain +Morale bonus on Xeno encounter Spacer 0
Pacifist -20% All Accuracy Empathetic -1
Pain Tolerant +2 Fortitude, +1 Resilience Addictive +1
Peacemaker NOT IMPLEMENTED; -Morale on enemy Death, +Morale on Draw Tolerant 0
Precise +2 Quickness Agile +1
Professional Pay Rate increases by $2 every level Worldly -1
Proud Pay Rate increases by $1 every level, double Morale penalty if not paid when other Crew are paid Worldly -1
Rash +15% Dmg, -10% Parry, -10% Dodge Savage 0
Revenant NOT IMPLEMENTED; 50% chance to stand up with Fortitude worth of HP on death Veteran +2
Reveres Authority NOT IMPLEMENTED; Always joins the Captain's side of a Mutiny Strict +1
Righteous +2 Strength, +2 Armor Piercing, -10% Parry Strict +1
Rigidly Lawful 25% chance to lose 2-4 Morale when spicing in the brazen carnival of a 6 or higher Spice Hall. Loses 2-4 Morale on successfully accessing a Black Market Strict -1
Risky +10% Dmg, -10% Armor Curious 0
Rugged +10 Fire Resist, +10 Plasma Shielding, +10 Bio-Poison Resist Hardy +1
Ruinous Touch NOT IMPLEMENTED; +50% Dmg on Boarding combat to enemy component Gearhead +1
Scavenger Naturally voracious seeker, gain +25% rewards whenever Exploring Curious +1
Scrappy +2 Fortitude Hardy +1
Seedy At home in the Spice Hall, gain +20% Morale bonus when Spicing Worldly +1
Sharp Witted Astute and clever, +25% chance of gaining double XP Curious +2
Sharpshooter +10% Ranged Accuracy Gearhead +1
Shrewd +3 Wisdom Curious +1
Skeptic +2 Resilience, +50% To Resist Debuffs Educated +2
Sly Artful in devious craft, gain +25% Intel Record rewards whenever Spying Curious +1
Snob At times condescending to the point of being insulting, gains a 50% chance to cause Morale loss in other crew members when spending time in the Spice Hall Educated -1
Soldier +10% Dmg Stalwart +1
Spatial NOT IMPLEMENTED; +25% Chance to Pass Pilot Test Gearhead +2
Spice Addict NOT IMPLEMENTED; Addictive -2
Steady Dependable and enduring, all Morale loss is reduced by 50%, +2 Fortitude, +5% Armor Determined +1
Stormshock Afflicted by even the slightest radiation, loss of 3 to 10 HP and Morale when sailing through Radiation Storms Spacer -1
Storyteller Known for spinning engaging tales and cracking hilarious jokes, this storyteller increases Morale gains in Spice Hall by +2 Empathetic +1
Stout +1 Fortitude, +1 Strength, +1 Resilience Grav +1
Stubborn Once below 50 Morale, obstinately digs in on a grudge and all Morale gains are reduced by 50%, +2 Resilience Hardy -1
Tank -2 Quickness, +3 Fortitude Hardy 0
Tense +2 Initiative Curious +1
Terrifying Scary in the worst way, confiscates 25% more Credits whenever successfully Blockading Savage +1
Thick Skinned +10% Armor Hardy +1
Tough +3 Fortitude, +10% Armor Stalwart +1
Traveler Excited by far-flung travel, gains 3-6 Morale when making a Hyperwarp jump Spacer +1
Twitchy +4 Initiative, -5% Armor Agile 0
Valiant +10% Parry, +10% Dodge Determined +1
Virtuous Proud to do the right thing, gains a Wisdom % chance to recover 3 to 5 Morale whenever Patrolling Focused +1
Vulture Adept at picking over the wreck of a scrapped ship, gain +10% profits on Salvaging enemy ship Gearhead 0
Wanderlust Insatiable drive to travel can only be sated by new experiences, gain 5 to 10 Morale when orbiting a new world Spacer 0
Wily +1 Wisdom, +1 Deflection Worldly +1
Worldsick Longing for the gravity and security of a world, loss of 1 to 4 Morale on leaving a planet Grav -1
Xenophobic NOT IMPLEMENTED; Double Morale loss on encountering xeno Grav -1