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Blockading is one of the major activities that a captain can do in orbit of a zone. Blockading is inherently hostile to the zone below and its faction owner. Blockading attempts to interfere with the commerce of the zone by intercepting merchants who service it. Blockading is most often carried out by pirates who are seeking to relieve rich merchants of their precious cargo. It may also be used by Military and Zealot Captains who wish participate in a faction conflict. During a conflict a Captain may draw a "Strike a blow in a conflict" card which will influence the conflict score away from the zone owner and give reputation with the opposing faction. Bounty Hunters may also be sent to blockade as part of a mission, this is generally do draw out a military ship target. As a hostile act, blockading is likely to draw out hostile military captains of the faction below. Any captain engaging in blockading should be prepared to engage in ship-to-ship combat.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Like other operations, becoming great at Blockading will require a dedicated build. Increasing ship Pilot and Intimidate Skill Pools should be a key priority. Blockaders will also need to invest in Talents that will help them determine the results of the card game. Most of these are provided by Pirate and Wing Bomber crew members, though Gunners and Zealots also each have a single Talent that can help. In the early game, it is best to Blockade often, checking the hand that is dealt at nearly every zone that is visited and only playing those hands that give a reasonable chance of desirable outcomes. As a Captain's crew and ship develop, they will be able to engage in more extended Blockades over the planet of their choice.

The Card Game[edit | edit source]

The results of blockading are determined by a card mini-game. The Captain will draw 5 cards which are determined by risk and reward factors. He or she may then have the opportunity to modify their draw through the use of one crew talent which can allow them to redraw, remove or improve a card. Then one card will randomly be selected from the remaining cards providing either a negative, positive or neutral result. If a negative result is drawn it is possible that its results may be avoided by a test of certain captain and ship skills. All blockading actions consume time and fuel.

Card Game Mechanics/Logic[edit | edit source]

Card games are based on a deck of cards. Based on the Risk Factors and Reward Factors, positive and negative cards are used to create the deck. Risk and Reward Factors are also used to calculate the chance of Common, Good and Rare positive cards and Risk Factors calculate the Low, Medium and Max Risk changes. These are used to then determine which positive and negative cards are in the deck. For example, areas with higher Common Rewards will feature more +1 and +2 cards, while areas with high Max Risks will feature more -5 cards. Once the hand is shuffled and dealt, 5 cards are shown and the chance to draw any one of those five cards is 20% (random card selection). Upon completion of the hand and after the results of the final card are handled, the deck is reshuffled and 5 new cards are dealt.

Risk Factors Negative Results Reward Factors Positive Results
Icon prop military.png
Military Rating
Icon prop government.png
Government Rating
-1 Time Lost 10+ Fuel and Turns
-1 Crew Danger 10-20 Damage to up to 5 Crew
-1 Ship Danger 10-20% Damage to 2 Ship Components
-1 Ship Encounter Unexpected Ship
-1 Bounty Hunters Bounty Hunter Ship
-1 Ship: Explorer Explorer Ship
-1 Ship: Merchants Merchant Ship
-2 Crew Danger 15-30 Damage to up to 8 Crew
-2 Competitive Pirates Hostile Pirates
-3 Ship Danger 15-30% Damage to 2 Ship Components
-3 Ship: Bounty Hunter Hostile Bounty Hunter
-3 Pirate Attack Hostile Pirate Ship
-4 Ship Encounter Powerful and unexpected Ship
-4 Crew Danger 20-40 Damage to up to 15 Crew
-5 Ship Danger 20-40% Damage to 2 Ship Components
-5 Deadly Accident Death among Crew
-5 Military Patrol Hostile Military Patrol
Icon prop credits.png
Economy Rating
Icon prop starport.png
Starport Rating
Icon prop charisma.png
Captain's Charisma
Icon prop resilience.png
Captain's Resilience
Icon prop pilot.png
Pilot Skill Pool
Icon prop intimidate.png
Intimidate Skill Pool
+1 Distress Signal Various Results
+1 Ship: Merchants Merchant Ship
+1 Naval Patrol Military Ship
+1 Ship: Smuggler Smuggler Ship
+1 Intel Leak 2-5 Intel Records
+2 Distress Signal Various Results
+2 Smugglers +3-6 Rep and face Smuggler
+2 Ship: Explorer Explorer Ship
+2 Wreck in Space Recover Fuel, Repair Hull
+2 Uncover Rumor Learn New Rumor
+2 Extort Bribes Up to 3,250 Profit
+2 Ship: Smuggler Smuggler Ship
+2 Credit Skim Up to 1,950 Profit
+2 Intel Capture 4-8 Intel Records
+3 Wreck in Space Recover Fuel, Repair Hull
+3 Raiding Pirate +3-6 Rep and face Pirate
+3 Reputation Bonus +6-12 Faction Rep
+3 Uncover Contact New Contact Introduction
+4 Credits Score Up to 4,550 Profit
+4 Intel Trove 6-12 Intel Records
+4 Foreign Contact New Contact Introduction
+5 Lootable Merchants Merchant Ship

Talents for Blockading[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Job Required Rank Description Cooldown

Talent blockade bomber passive normal.png
Alarming Pass Wing Bomber 8 When Blockading a system as the pilot of a Bomber craft, increase all credit rewards by 20% + Electronics 9 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade merchants normal.png
Corsair's Eye Pirate 1 During a Blockade of a system, replace a risk card with a Merchant card 3 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade bomber normal.png
Ensnare Wing Bomber 1 When Blockading a system as the pilot of a Bomber craft, remove a risk card 3 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade money normal.png
Fanatical Siege Zealot 5 During a Blockade of a system, replace a risk card with a Tithe or Influence Conflict reward card 3 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade reroll normal.png
Hawkish Siege Crew Dog 5 When Blockading a system, reroll a risk card 3 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade passive bonus normal.png
Infamous Presence Pirate 5 During Blockade of a system, increase rewards by 10% + Intimidate Skill 6 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade mission normal.png
Terror of the Skies Pirate 11 During a Blockade of a system, replace a risk card with a Mission Success reward card 3 weeks Cooldown

Talent blockade remove normal.png
Twitchy Trigger Gunner 8 When Blockading a system, remove a risk card 3 weeks Cooldown

Talents blockade reroll all normal.png
Unbridled Raider Pirate 15 During a Blockade of a system, reroll all 5 cards and draw a new hand 21 weeks Cooldown