Cadar Syndicate

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Cadar Syndicate
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"Through strength, peace."
Zone Bonus
+4 Icon prop military.png Milltary
+2 Icon prop starport.png Starport

Far and away the Syndicate that can boast the most powerful military, Cadar puts great value in the might of the navy and planetary armies. Within the Syndicate’s meritocracy, great weight and emphasis is placed upon military exploits and victories. It would be extremely rare to find a leader in a place of power in the Syndicate who has no previous military career. While there are no official statistics, it is estimated that more than one third of the families of Cadar Faction are employed in one form or another by the different branches of military and merchant marines.

The most powerful entity within Cadar’s economic sphere of trade and industrials is the UTF (“Unified Trade Front”). This corporate pact forms a union-like structure, promising cooperation, employment and contracts between a large variety of Syndicate companies. While the UTF once joined together hundreds of companies across Syndicate lines, it has become more and more of a Cadar-only organization after the Rychart Syndicate withdrew the majority of their support.

The men and women of Cadar are known to be stout and strong, stubborn at times to a fault, and courageous to the point of rashness. Cadari are committed to their beliefs, whatever they may be, and stand by them. They are known for often going down with the ship, refusing to retreat, or compromise.

Reputation Maximums[edit source]

Selling Intel, faction maximum: 30 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 30 with Cadar, you will no longer gain faction Reputation from selling Intel to faction Contacts.

Selling Intel, Contact maximum: 40 Personal Reputation

Once your Personal Reputation with a particular Contact exceeds 40, you will no longer gain Personal Reputation for selling Intel to him or her.

Selling Rare Trade Goods, faction maximum: 40 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 40 with Cadar, you will no longer gain faction Reputation for selling Rare Trade Goods originating from a Cadar quadrant.

Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

Out of reverence for military captains, bonus Spice and Medical supplies are made available at Cadar faction holdings for captains with Military Rank (the bonus increases with Ranks).