Combat Medic

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Combat Medic
Icon job combatmedic.png
Type Fighter
Acquisition Contacts
Primary Skill Doctor
Secondary Skill Pistols

On the fast and deadly field of combat, a combat medic moves quickly among friends to provide battlefield care while firing back at enemies. At home in the thick of battle, a combat medic delivers life-saving e-sutures between hurling bio-poison attacks.

Skills[edit | edit source]

As a character advances in the Combat Medic Job, he or she gains the following Skill points at each Rank.

Ranks 1 to 11[edit | edit source]

Rank Pistols Doctor
1 2 2
2 3 4
3 3 5
4 4 5
5 4 6
6 4 7
7 4 8
8 5 8
9 5 9
10 5 10
11 6 11

Ranks 12 to 22[edit | edit source]

Rank Pistols Doctor
12 6 12
13 7 12
14 7 13
15 8 14
16 9 14
17 9 15
18 9 16
19 9 17
20 10 17
21 10 18

Ranks 22 to 32[edit | edit source]

Rank Pistols Doctor
22 11 19
23 11 20
24 12 20
25 13 20
26 13 21
27 13 22
28 13 23
29 13 24
30 14 25
31 14 26
32 15 27

Talents[edit | edit source]

Each Job provides a series of Talents representing the special abilities granted by this specific training. As a Character progresses through Job Ranks, more and more Talents become available.

Talent skill doctor normal.png
Rank: 1
First Aid
3 weeks Cooldown

Automatically passes a failed Doctor test in any situation, including on board healing, saving lives in accidents, or while exploring

Talent combat biodart normal.png
Rank: 1
Bio-Poison Slugs
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack causes +20 Bio-Poison Damage, -10% Parry, -10% Dodge for 3 Turns

Talent medic esuture normal.png
Rank: 1
12 Initiative

In crew combat, Heals entire team (6 HP + 0 Doctor) HP

Talent medic purge normal.png
Rank: 1
Cleansing Purge
10 Initiative

In crew combat, Removes all Debuffs; Restores (10 + 0 Doctor) HP and Morale

Talent medic vacwatch normal.png
Rank: 5
Vaccination Watch
12 Initiative

In crew combat, Buffs entire team with +10% Armor, +36 Bio-Poison Resist for 3 Turns

Talent combat medic toxinterror normal.png
Rank: 5
Toxin Terror
12 Initiative

In crew combat, bio-threat hits 2 targets causes -2 Initiative, -10 Bio-Poison Resist for 3 Turns

Talent combat biopoison grenade normal.png
Rank: 5
Bio-Poison Grenade
16 Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Grenade Attack hits 2 targets with 31-50 Dmg and -2 Initiative, +14 Bio-Poison Damage, -25% Parry, -25% Dodge, -10 Bio-Poison Resist for 3 Turns

Talent boarding cm biobomb normal.png
Rank: 5
Bio-Agent Bomb
9 weeks Cooldown

After a successful Boarding, release deadly bio-agents into the enemy ship's ventilation; +10 Morale Dmg/Turn, +25 Crew Dmg/Turn for next 4 Turns

Talent combat medic lifeline normal.png
Rank: 8
12 Initiative

In crew combat, Buffs with +2 Initiative, +10% Armor Piercing, +50% To Resist Debuffs for 3 Turns and Heals (36 + 0 Doctor) HP

Talent combat medic flatline normal.png
Rank: 8
14 Initiative

In crew combat, Removes all Debuffs/Buffs; Restores entire team (10 + 0 Doctor) Morale

Talent combat snakebite normal.png
Rank: 11
Weapon's Initiative

In crew combat, Crippling Pistol Attack causes -25% Dodge, -15 Bio-Poison Resist for 3 Turns, knocks target back 1 slot

Combat Talent Strategy[edit | edit source]

Bio-Poison Slugs[edit | edit source]

This is a good go-to replacement for a default pistol attack. The bio-poison is reasonable strong and the small defensive debuffs help less accurate allies finish off a target. However, unlike basic pistol attacks, this talent cannot hit the 3rd position.

E-Suture[edit | edit source]

This talent is for AoE healing. However, the initiative cost is far too high to justify using.

Cleansing Purge[edit | edit source]

This is the go-to healing talent for the Combat Medic. It removes debuffs, restores a decent amount of health and also restores morale. It is more expensive than its Doctor talent counterpart but the morale gain makes it a more balanced choice overall.

Vaccination Watch[edit | edit source]

A very situational talent really only useful if your foe is heavily relying on bio-poison damage and you have no immediate healing needs.

Toxin Terror[edit | edit source]

Another situational talent, Toxin Terror would in theory support an entire team of bio-poison attackers but has a very high initiative cost for what it does.

Bio-Poison Grenade[edit | edit source]

This is a powerful grenade talent. However, like all grenades, it can only be used from the front position. Ideally your combat medic should never be there. It may work well if you are using both a sword and pistol combination though.

Lifeline[edit | edit source]

This is the emergency healing option for the Combat Medic. It heals substantially more than Cleansing Purge. It also gives a powerful all-around buff to the target! Careful attention must be paid to avoid pushing your combat medic into penalty initiative for the next turn here.

Flatline[edit | edit source]

An expensive group morale boost and debuff removal option. If you've been diligent about using Cleansing Purge, there is no reason to use this talent.

Snakebite[edit | edit source]

This is a powerful utility attack that combos well with Bio-Poison Slugs as the bio-poison resistance penalty will enhance the other talent's damage. Further, this allows for stacking penalties to dodge. It is also very useful for knocking swordsmen into position 3 where they will typically have to waste a turn advancing instead of attacking your team.

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