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All game tests within Star Traders are resolved as if rolling real dice. Dice with 100 sides (D100) and dice with 10 sides (D10) are most commonly used to resolve all tests and saves.

Big Dice[edit | edit source]

In some situations, a single Big Die is used to generate a number. In the case of rolling a Big Dice, a single large die with many sides is rolled. For example, you might roll Crew Combat Initiative of 18 on a Big Die, which is equivalent to rolling a D18.

Often, in equations you will see a big dice indicated as BigDice(some numbers). This indicates a Big Dice of that many sides will be rolled, such as BigDice(25), which indicates a D25.

Strong and Weak Dice[edit | edit source]

Many competitive tests, including Skill tests are rolled by using a pool of Strong and Weak Dice. A Strong Dice is a D10 that is rolled and counts a success on any result higher than a 6 (40% success rate). A Weak Dice is a D10 that is rolled and counts a success on any result higher than a 8 (20% success rate). In this type of dice test, the player rolls their allotted pool of Strong and Weak Dice, adding all successes together. Then, whatever opposing force is present (enemy captain, system, zone, danger) gathers and rolls a pool of Strong and Weak Dice based on its opposition strength. Whoever has more successes at the end wins.

In the case of ties outside of combat, the Captain and Crew win. In the case of ties in combat rolls, the attacker always wins.

Percentage Chance with D100[edit | edit source]

Whenever a value is expressed as a percentage value (15%), this is tested by rolling a D100 and comparing the value to the %. If the roll is less than or equal to the % value, then the test has passed, otherwise it has failed.

Bonus Percentages[edit | edit source]

Bonuses to stats like Damage, Armor, Accuracy are expressed in percentages. For example, a Buff may grant +25% Damage while a Debuff may reduce Damage by -25%. Before any dice are rolled, the statistic is reduced by the percentage.

For example, your weapon deals 21-40 Dmg and you have a +25% Damage bonus. In this case, without the bonus your damage is determined by:

20 + BigDice(20)

Once the bonus is applied, your damage is now:

25 + BigDice(25)