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The Void Reactor is powered by a form of fusion, and it utilizes Water-Fuel in combination with a prokaryotic xeno-organism to power the ship. The Ship's Engines are connected to the Void Reactor and channel plasma and reactor byproduct heat into combustion chambers. Together, this assembly is known as the Void Engine. The ship's Engines are a marvel of technological development and have operational modes for over 100 different atmosphere mixes. Planets with atmospheric mixes that are unsupported by the Void Engine are considered "Dead Worlds."

One by-product of the Void Reactor's operation is pure light water, which is used on board for several purposes -- it is separated into oxygen, provided as drinking water and used in the ration hydration system among other things.

After the Exodus, and before the rediscovery of the Hyperwarp Drive technology, Ships also mounted Solar Sail arrays. During deep space travel, when the Void Engines are operating in plasma propulsion mode, the Ship would deploy Solar Sails. These specialized crystal fans utilize plasma from the Void Reactor to multiply the effects of solar winds. In extreme deep space, Solar Sails can be configured to transfer force from magnetic waves that are present at the boundary of the hyperwarp. Powering the Solar Sails in this alternate configuration required a considerably larger input of energy from the Void Reactor.