Clan Javat

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Clan Javat
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"Check before You Dig."
Great House
Zone Bonus
+8 Icon prop credits.png Economy for Mining, Refinery & Industrial Zones
+2 Icon prop starport.png Starport
Keep your head in the stars and your feet in the dirt.
~ Javat Proverb

The people of Clan Javat are known for their industrious spirit with their focus on mining, resource gathering and production of quality goods. The powerful and efficient mines and factories of Javat’s worlds keep its exchanges stocked with all kinds of goods, making its trading permits especially valuable.

Having developed some of the most advanced technology and best trained personnel in the mining, deep space operations and spice farming industries, Clan Javat stays ahead of the competition on many fronts. Their widely varied mining operations range from spice mining to remote mining sites which all effectively feed into the Clan Javat industrial and refinery backbone. Due to their vital position in the hub of trade, many other Great Houses and Syndicates seek to keep in trade alliances with Javat, for mining is known to be an ever-green industry.

The men and women of Javat are known to be focused, steady, and mechanically attuned, close to the machines by which their Great House has made its fortunes.

Reputation Maximums[edit source]

Selling Intel, faction maximum: 20 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 20 with Javat, you will no longer gain faction Reputation from selling Intel to faction Contacts.

Selling Intel, Contact maximum: 40 Personal Reputation

Once your Personal Reputation with a particular Contact exceeds 40, you will no longer gain Personal Reputation for selling Intel to him or her.

Selling Rare Trade Goods, faction maximum: 50 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 50 with Javat, you will no longer gain faction Reputation for selling Rare Trade Goods originating from a Javat quadrant.

Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

Never far from the arteries of their mining empire, Javat starports offer Water-Fuel at a 10% discount (always at least $1 less).