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Map seeds are unique strings that allow players to quickly share maps by sending the seed instead of the map file. Even the default map has a seed.

Map Seed String Format[edit | edit source]

The map seed format is st-v01-AA-BB-XXXXXXXX

AA is # of quadrants. The Quadrant count can range from 12 to 40. Smaller maps with lower amounts of quadrants can be challenging as Reputation losses will be felt more and may be tougher to repair compared to larger maps.

BB is density. The density value can range from 4 to 14 where 4 is most dense and 14 is least dense. Density refers to the density of quadrant connectivity. Higher density means that quadrants will have more connections to other adjacent quadrants.

Map Seed Catalogs[edit | edit source]

[Map Seeds Thread on Proboards Forum]