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Gaining Military Rank requires the help of a Contact who can offer such a promotion. Military Rank for Star Traders is honorary and does not confer any actual power in the Faction's military structure. However, it comes with a myriad of benefits.

There are 21 possible Military Ranks to gain. Once you have reached Rank 13 or higher, you are a highly decorated Captain and scrutiny on your actions increases. Any transgression that causes a loss of Reputation with the Faction, no matter how small, will automatically cause you to lose a single Military Rank.

Benefits of Military Rank[edit | edit source]

Increasing your standing in a Faction's military has many positive effects.

Mission Payment Bonus[edit | edit source]

All Faction-loyal Contacts honor your Military Rank by offering a +2% bonus to payment for missions per rank.

Rank 2: Recruitment Bonus[edit | edit source]

Any Military Officer, Soldier, Pistoleer or Swordsman recruited from Contacts or the Spice Hall gain +1 bonus level.

Rank 4: Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

Once you carry Rank 4, you may purchase a faction-specific Ship.

Rank 5: Recruitment Bonus[edit | edit source]

The rank 2 recruitment bonus increases to +2 bonus levels.

Rank 5: Prize Ships[edit | edit source]

You may now capture Prize Ships from Pirates, Zealots, Military Officers, or Bounty Hunters during a Solar War with a Prize Ship Talent. You may now capture Prize Ships from Pirates, Merchants, or Smugglers during a Trade War with a Prize Ship Talent.

Rank 13: Recruitment Bonus[edit | edit source]

Any recruits from the faction gain +1 bonus level. (May be in addition from the other +2 bonus levels listed above.)

Negative Reputation[edit | edit source]

If your Reputation with the faction drops below 0, you are at risk of losing all grades of your Military Rank. For each transgression that causes Reputation loss below 0, you will lose a Rank grade. Once you've lost all military ranks this way, you will begin to lose Trade Permits. Thus, having some military ranks can help shield your trade permits from forfeiture. If you have no Trade Permits, your military ranks would instead be shielding the loss of any Edicts.