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Morale is a measure of a Characters mental health and reserves. A character with high Morale is a happy, contributing member of the crew. A character with low Morale is unhappy and angry, considering abandoning ship or worse.

A character's max Morale is equal to the following equation. Regardless of the character's attributes, the absolute minimum Morale is 100.

Morale = 100 OR ((Resilience x 3.5) + (Wisdom x 2)) whichever is smaller.

What causes Low Morale[edit | edit source]

Crew get unhappy for a variety of reasons. Being injured, being unpaid, being understaffed, watching their crewmates die in ship combat, encounterting Xeno, losing faith in the captain or being on board a badly damaged ship can all cause crew to lose morale. And even if everything is going perfectly well, your crew will still need shore leave for entertainment when visiting planets. Some crew have particular Traits which cause them to lose morale under certain circumstances - for instance when landing on a planet with a gravity field.

Recovering Morale[edit | edit source]

Characters can recover Morale through a number of different activities based on their Traits and Jobs. The two direct ways a captain can raise the Morale of his crew is to pay their wages, and to to give them shore leave to visit the Spice Hall for entertainment and relaxation. This requires visiting the Spice Districts, which are not available in Wildernesses, nor other places where the Spice Rating is less than 3. The higher the Spice Rating, the more morale will be recovered, but Spice and Entertainment in the Hall cannot raise crew Morale above 80, regardless of a zone's Spice Rating. Furthermore, should you visit a zone owned by a Faction with whom you have a reputation of -45 or lower, you will be denied access to their Spice Districts.

Some characters will gain morale just by going through their normal activities, based on a their Traits. For instance, some adventurous crew love to Explore while other assertive sorts love the discipline and valiant Patrol defense of a world. Other characters have traits which make them more or less likely to lose morale in certain circumstances, while other traits cause other crew to gain or lose morale under certain circumstances.

Some Jobs provide Talents which can be used to raise the morale of crew.

Low Morale Consequences[edit | edit source]

As soon as a character's Morale drops below 25, they become a liability on the ship. At this point, they are ready to join a Mutiny against your Star Trader Captain. In addition to potentially being a mutineer, they stop contributing to your Skill Pools. This means that a truly discontented Pilot stops adding to the Pilot Skill Pool and is no longer helping to fly the ship in any way.

If a character drops to 0 Morale while in Crew Combat they immediately surrender, pass out or flee from the combat. As compared to being knocked out of combat by Hit Point damage, fleeing from Morale loss cannot permanently kill a character, but it is more likely to cause negative Trait Mutation.