Rare Trade Goods

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Rare Good Atlas.png

Rare Trade Goods are a special class of Resource that cannot be purchased in regular Exchanges or Black Markets. They can, however, be sold in them and they will appear in the Demand screen of exchanges. Being rare, they fetch prices equal too or higher than the best regular resources. Though they are all expensive, they vary considerably in terms of their Permit Levels and Legality. Rare Trade Goods are often most easily sold in Black Markets especially those, such as Terrox Artifacts, which require a level 4 Trade Permit and have a legality of 2.

Finding Rare Trade Goods[edit | edit source]

Rare Trade Goods can only be produced in specific quadrants. To acquire such resources, you must gain an introduction to a Contact who resides in such a quadrant and who is apt to sell Rare Trade Goods as shown in the Contact Services list, such as Smugglers.

If a quadrant supplies a Rare Trade Good it will be listed on the bottom of the Atlas screen, below the Zones (see right). It is possible to use the Galaxy map to see the Details of each Quadrant and discover which ones will supply Rare Trade Goods. A quadrant may only supply one type and most quadrants will not supply any Rare Trade Good. The Contacts which sell Rare Trade Goods are: Gestalt Technologist, Merchant, Smuggler, Smuggler Prince and Spice Trader.

Terrox Artifacts are a special type of Rare Trade Good that can be acquired via Exploring wild zones. Be careful, as Artifact reward cards are often placed close to Xeno combat cards.

Buying and Selling Rare Trade Goods[edit | edit source]

There are a number of special rules for buying and selling Rare Trade Goods as well. A contact must have at least 20 influence with their faction in order to sell Rare Trade Goods. This is important because purchasing Rare Trade Goods from a Contact will cost them influence, potentially limiting their ability to sell them in the future.

Selling Rare Trade Goods however has a chance to give influence to all contacts of the same faction in the Quadrant of origin. The Captain will also gain reputation with the selling faction and the further they are from the Quadrant of origin the greater reputation they stand to gain.