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Known Rumors Panel
In the Known Rumors panel you can view a list of the rumors you know. Be aware, other rumors are still in play, you just do not know about them.

Rumors are temporary conditions that can exist in various locations on the map.

Keep an eye on the rumors summary panel whenever a new rumor is discovered, as the summary will tell you how many jumps away that rumor is, as well as what the rumor effects are and how they can benefit or harm you, your ship, and your crew.

Types of Rumors[edit | edit source]

Quadrant Rumors[edit | edit source]

  • Quadrant rumors impact and entire quadrant map as well as all of the planets and zones located within the quadrant.
  • These are major events that can last years, and should be considered by all Star Traders in the area.
  • List of Quadrant Rumors

Planet Rumors[edit | edit source]

Zone Rumors[edit | edit source]

Rumor-based Talents[edit | edit source]

Some talents reveal rumors, shown below:

Icon Name Job Required Rank Description Cooldown

Talent elo alertscanner normal.png
Alert Scanner Electronics Tech 1 Upon entering the orbit of a new system, 10% + Electronics Skill chance to learning a Rumor 9 weeks Cooldown

Talent smuggler dubious nod normal.png
Dubious Handshake Smuggler 1 When encountering a Smuggler Captain, a subtle greeting among criminals ends the encounter in a peaceful Draw; 30% + Negotiation chance to learn a new Rumor 12 weeks Cooldown

Talent spy passive rumor normal.png
Static Talks Electronics Tech 5 When Spying in the orbit of a system, learn a Rumor when scoring a positive result 9 weeks Cooldown

Talent crewdog talkinhall normal.png
Talk in the Hall Crew Dog 5 When passing the Spice plate in the Hall, affable talk uncovers a new Rumor 3 weeks Cooldown

Talent blackmarket rumor normal.png
Underground Whispers Smuggler 1 When accessing a Black Market, replace a risk card with a Learn Rumor card 3 weeks Cooldown