Rychart Syndicate

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Rychart Syndicate
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"Knowledge Is Power."
Zone Bonus
+4 Icon prop spice.png Spice
+2 Icon prop government.png Goverment
No one owns secrets.
~ Rychart Proverb

Rychart is known to the Syndicate most deeply entrenched in the political game. Their diplomats are everywhere, and it seems that they are constantly tipping the scales of balance one way or the other -- into conflict, pressing to break alliances, or coming back to peace again. Assisting the diplomatic core in their constant machinations, the Rychart spy corps are rumoured to be the best trained in any Quadrant. Some Rychart operatives may go undercover for the majority of their lives to serve the Syndicate, benefit their family, and either feed a stream of valuable information back to their handlers, or in fact be in a position to make decisions within the opponent’s power structure to the benefit of Rychart.

Rychart is also known to keep and employ a strong force of bounty hunters. Through centuries of paying exuberant rewards for warrants, they have an eager contingent of hunters willing to seek out and capture or kill their targets.

In the early days of the Farfallen Quadrant, Rychart took a more violent and directly military path than they have in recent centuries. During the Faction Wars, they left a number of ruined planets strewn across the galaxy in their destructive bid for power.

The men and women of Rychart are known to be clever, inquisitive, and sometimes too curious for their own good. The shadow of the Xeno cult of Shelgeroth is something they would like to forget as a people, but it is also a path that far too many Rychart follow into xeno-fascination or obsession. Their leaders are known for their tactful negotiation skills and their tireless pursuit of returning things to a profitable, peaceful balance. At least, in the visible realm of politics. Across the Quadrants, the men and women of Rychart are known to test the limits of outlandish fashion.

Reputation Maximums[edit source]

Selling Intel, faction maximum: 50 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 50 with Rychart, you will no longer gain faction Reputation from selling Intel to faction Contacts.

Selling Intel, Contact maximum: 60 Personal Reputation

Once your Personal Reputation with a particular Contact exceeds 60, you will no longer gain Personal Reputation for selling Intel to him or her.

Selling Rare Trade Goods, faction maximum: 30 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 30 with Rychart, you will no longer gain faction Reputation for selling Rare Trade Goods originating from a Rychart quadrant.

Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

Plush with every comfort and type of spice, Rychart Spice Halls can raise crew Morale to 90 (instead of 80).