Ship Components Core Reference 2

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Core Components[edit | edit source]

Component Type Description Sub-Types
Ship comp bridge.png
The bridge is the command center of any ship. This is where the Captain and Officers command almost every aspect of vessel; be it engines, navigation, weapons, electronic warfare or environmental controls. Pilots and Navigators also operate from here. Also includes the Captain's Quarters. Increases required Ship Ops, Pilot, Navigation and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship.
Scout Bridge
Capital Bridge
Ship comp engine.png
Void Engine
Not only do the ship engines propel the vessel through space at faster than light speeds, they also supply power to every system on board the ship. Void Engines require Water-Fuel to sustain their containment field and allow their safe operation. The engine determines a vessel's Speed, Agility, fuel consumption and Reactor Points as well as increasing the required Ship Ops, Pilot and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship. Different Engines have different Safety Ratings which impact how difficult the entire ship will be to operate in the void, as well as how catastrophic failures are to the ship and crew. (All Void Engines occupy one LARGE Component slot.)
M2400 Void Engines
M3400 Void Engines
M5000 Void Engines
M6000 Void Engines
M7000 Void Engines
M8000 Void Engines
M9000 Void Engines
Ship comp hyperwarp.png
Hyperwarp Drive
Key to accessing the hyperwarp is the hyperwarp drive. The hyperwarp drive allows a vessel to travel vast distances between Quadrants in relatively quick time by "jumping" through Hyperwarp Gates. Each hyperwarp jump consumes fuel, with larger ships needing larger hyperwarp drives and more fuel. Increases required Navigation and Electronics skills needed to operate the ship.
M2400 Hyperwarp
M3400 Hyperwarp
M5000 Hyperwarp
M6000 Hyperwarp
M7000 Hyperwarp
M8000 Hyperwarp
M9000 Hyperwarp