Ship Damage Types

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There are 3 types of damage types in ship to ship combat.

Damage Sources[edit | edit source]

Icon prop shipdanger.png Standard Damage Internal Damage Icon prop rad.png Radiation Damage Icon prop void.png Void Damage
Mitigation Ship Armor Ship Shield Ship Shield, Radiation Resistance Ship Shield, Void Resistance
Target Ship's Hull Crew and Components Both Both
Increased by Crits
Damage Conversion Internal after Mitigation 33% as Standard
200% as Internal
50% as Standard
150% as Internal
  • Damage that reduces the Ship's Hull to 0 will destroy the Ship.
  • Components damaged beyond 60% will cease to function.
  • If Crew's Health drops to 0, it forces a Death Save.
  • If Crew's Morale drops below 26, that crew member stops contributing to the Ship's Skill Pools

Effect Sources[edit | edit source]

Critical Hits[edit | edit source]

When a weapon hits in Ship Combat it has a chance to score a Critical Hit. These effects represent the fearsome capability of certain ship weapons to score devastating hits against critical components on an enemy ship.

  • Critical Hits are more likely to damage critical components, such as Engine, Bridge and Weapons.
  • A Critical Hit will cause the Internal Damage being done by that attack to be increased by 100%.
  • A Critical Hit increases the number of crew who are injured during the application of Internal Damage. This doesn't spread the damage thinner, but instead increases the number of crew members that take this full damage.

Crippling Hits[edit | edit source]

When a weapon hits in Ship Combat it has a chance to cause a Crippling Hit Effect. These effects represent the terrible power of capital ship weapons to disrupt a crew, disable a vessel or sow chaos across the stars.

  • Each Ship Weapon has a specific Crippling Hit Chance.
  • A Ship Weapon can only roll a Crippling Hit if it scores a direct hit.
  • Each Weapon rolls a Crippling Hit Chance independent of other weapons.
  • Each successful Crippling Hit roll causes a single negative debuff called a Crippling Hit Ship Effect to be placed on the target.
  • Different Weapons can cause different kinds of Crippling Hits.

Types of Crippling Effects[edit | edit source]

Crippling Effects come in many forms. Each weapon can cause one or two different crippling effects depending on the weapon's type. These debuffs are one of Ship Crippling Effects, Crew Crippling Effects, or Boarding Effects. Some talents can remove effects of the ship variety, while others remove crew crippling hits, and a few talents can remove both of those two. Boarding Effects are only removed by time or the end of combat.

Name Type Effect Cause
Effect weapon aftershocks.png Aftershocks Crew -15% Shielding, -20 Radiation Resist, -20 Void Resist, +10 Component-Crew-Morale dmg/turn Torpedo and Missile
Effect weapon crewstunned.pngCrew Panic Crew -20% Defense, +20 Morale dmg/turn Autocannon
Effect weapon crewstunned.png Crew Stunned Crew -20 Boarding, -20% Accuracy, -20% Defense, -10% Shield Missile
Effect weapon distortionfield.png Distortion Field Ship -35 Boarding, -35% Accuracy, -20% Shielding, -20 Void Resist Railgun
Effect weapon radiationwash.png Radiation Wash Ship -10% Shield, +20 Morale dmg/turn -20 Radiation resist Plasma Cannon, Lance, Railgun
Effect weapon fires.png Electrical Fire Ship +20 Component damage/turn, +20 Crew dmg/turn Torpedo and Missile
Effect weapon enginefailure.png Engine Failure Ship -2 Reactor Points, -10% Shield, -10 Range Change, -20 Escape Plasma Cannon, Lance, Boarding Action
Effect weapon ventinghull.png Venting Hull Ship -15% Shield, -25% Armor, +20 Component dmg/turn, +10 Crew dmg/turn Gravity Driver and Autocannon
Effect boarding cripple.png Crippling Dread Boarding -15% Accuracy, -15% Defense, -10 Range Change, +10 Morale dmg/turn "Panic Crew" Boarding Action
Talent boarding cm biobomb small.png Bio-Agent Bomb Boarding +10 Morale dmg/turn, +25 Crew dmg/turn Combat Medic Boarding Talent
Talent boarding eng demo small.png Boarder's Demolition Boarding -15% Defense, -15% Shield, -15% Armor Engineer Boarding Talent
Talent boarding mo surrender small.png Call for Surrender Boarding -10 Range Change, +25 Morale dmg/turn Military Officer Boarding Talent
Talent boarding mech wrench small.png Thrown Wrench Boarding -3 Reactor Pts, +25 Component dmg/turn, +10 Crew dmg/turn Mechanic Boarding Talent