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Ship Shield[edit | edit source]

Ship Shield is an attribute used by capital ships. Shield reduces Internal Damage a ship suffers during Ship Combat before that damage is applied to crew and compartments. Higher shield values reduce more damage while negative shield values amplify damage. This shielding is not energy based, rather representing the ship's resistance to radiation, internal protective measures meant to keep crew safe, and defensive structures that withstand compartment damage.

Internal Damage Reduction/Amplification[edit | edit source]

All Weapon attacks in Ship Combat cause Internal Damage. Any Internal Damage that a ship suffers is subject to either a damage amplification or a damage reduction, depending on the shield of the target.

damage multiplier = 1 - 0.3 × shield ÷ (1 + 0.3 × |shield|).

Radiation and Void Damage Resistance[edit | edit source]

Some Weapon attacks in Ship Combat cause Void Damage and/or Radiation Damage which is resisted by Ship Shielding. Each point of Ship Shielding resists one point of Radiation or Void Damage

Sources of Shielding[edit | edit source]

A Ship's Shield value is combined from multiple sources. Some shield sources are constant, like the shield that comes from the ship's hull. Some shield bonuses are temporary, like the ones that come from Crew Talents.

Base Shield[edit | edit source]

Each ship hull has a base shield value that does not change during the game. This property comes directly from the ship's hull and is active at all times.

Component Shield Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Each ship component has an shield value that applies as long as the component has less than 60% damage.

Combat Shield Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Some components have the ability to activate a Ship Effect during combat. A component's combat Ship Effect can add ship shield.

Buff Shield Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Some Job Talents can increase a Ship's Shield temporarily.

Debuff Shield Penalties[edit | edit source]

Some Job Talents can apply a negative debuff to an enemy Ship's Shield temporarily.

Crippling Effect Shield Penalties[edit | edit source]

The crippling effects of some weapons can temporarily reduce the integrity of the Ship's Shield.

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