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All Characters have both Bonus Skill points and points in Skills granted by their Job Ranks. However, depending upon their position within the ship's hierarchy and what task is at hand, their Skill points used will be applied.

When a character adds Skill points to any of the ship's Skill Pools, the character adds their Effective Skill Value. When a character users a Talent in any operation, the characters uses the same value, their Effective Skill Value. In the heat of crew combat, a character will always use their Maximum Skill Value.

Skill Usage[edit | edit source]

Whenever using a Talent outside of combat, an individual crew member uses their own Effective Skill Value. If a Talent mentions 10% + Repair Skill, this relies only on the individual's Repair Skill.

In Crew Combat, Skills other than Evasion are only used through Talents, so Skills are never pooled: the combatants each use their own Maximum Skill Values. When entering combat, all crew gain a default Talents based on the weapon they are carrying, so they always have an appropriate attack Talent, which would call up on their combat Skills if they have any.

In Ship Combat, an the crew work together as one and all Skill saves rely on the crew's Skill Pools.

Effective and Maximum Skills for Officers[edit | edit source]

In the case of Officers or your Captain, the character's Effective Skill Value and Maximum Skill Value are the same. Both values are equal to the character's Skill Points granted from Job Ranks plus any Bonus Skill Points.

Bonus Skill Points are a very valuable decision point upon which you might choose one crew member over another for promotion to the position of ship's officer.

Effective and Maximum Skills for Crew Members[edit | edit source]

In the case of crew members, the character's Effective Skill Value may be lower than their Maximum Skill Value. For a crew member, the character's Effective Skill Value is equal only to those Skill Points granted by Job Ranks. The character's Maximum Skill Value is equal to Skill Points granted from Job Ranks plus any Bonus Skill Points, but is notably only used in crew combat.

The difference in Effective Skill Value and Maximum Skill Value is driven by the limiting nature of being a crew member on board a ship. A crew member may have great potential in their Bonus Skill Points, but they are not able to exercise that freedom of judgment and action within the ship's hierarchy. They are bound to obey the schedule, plans, and decisions of their command officers. Therefore, even a crew member who has Bonus Skill Points in Repair does not add these points to their Effective Skill Value unless they are an officer. This is because, the crew member would maintain and run the boat very different if she was in charge. However, under the command of her officers, she cannot take liberties do it her way, achieve her full potential, and therefore does not gain the Bonus Skill Points to her Repair Skill when adding her Repair Skill to the ship's Skill Pool or using Repair Skill based Talents.