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The various factions of Star Traders are in intense competition to gain the upper hand over their rival factions. As in any battle, knowledge is one of the greatest weapons any side might wield and so the Princes cultivate networks of spies who will furnish them with the information they need to overcome their peers. Spies may operate at the direct behest of a contact to complete a mission or they may spy independently for profit and to generate intel records that can be sold to contacts for profit and reputation. In Star Traders, spying is primarily done through electronic surveillance and encrypted message interception. Electronics is one of the key skills of spy operative.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Like other operations, becoming a great Spy will require a dedicated build. Increasing ship Pilot and especially Electronics Skill Pools should be a key priority. Spies will also need to invest in Talents that will help them determine the results of the card game. Most of these are provided by Spy and E-tech crew members. In the early game, it is best to Spy often, checking the hand that is dealt at nearly every zone that is visited and only playing those hands that give a reasonable chance of success versus possible negative outcomes. As a Captain's crew and ship develop they will be able to engage in more extended spying activities over the planet of their choice.

The Card Game[edit | edit source]

Spying is done in orbit of a system, by using one the "Spy" operation button on the left side of the interface. Spying can be done in orbit of any urban zone with a Government Rating of 4 or higher. The results of spying are determined by a card game. The Captain will draw 5 cards which are determine by risk and reward factors. He or she may then have the opportunity to modify their draw through the use of crew talents which allow them to redraw, remove or improve a card. Then one card will randomly be selected from the remaining cards providing either a negative, positive or neutral result. All spying actions consume time and fuel.

Card Game Mechanics/Logic[edit | edit source]

Card games are based on a deck of 50 cards. There are 25 bad cards (red) that are influenced by Risk Factors (listed below). There are 25 good cards (green) and are influenced by Reward Factors (listed below). The deck is shuffled, and 5 random cards are dealt. Once the hand is played (random card selection), all cards are reshuffled and a new hand is dealt.

Risk Factors Reward Factors Negative Results Positive Results
Icon prop military.png
Military Rating
Icon prop government.png
Government Rating
Icon prop government.png
Government Rating
Icon prop spice.png
Spice Rating
Icon prop navigation.png
Navigation Skill Pool
Icon prop electronics.png
Electronics Skill Pool
Icon prop resilience.png
Captain's Resilience
Icon prop wisdom.png
Captain's Wisdom

[ - 1 ] Time Lost
[ - 2 ] Crew Danger
[ - 2 ] Ship Danger
[ - 1 to - 5 ] Unexpected Ship Encounters
[ - 5 ] Deadly Accident

[ +1 ] Smuggler Ship
[ +1 to +4 ] Gain Intel
[ +2 ] Mission Success
[ +2 ] Uncover Rumor
[ +2 to +4 ] Credits Skim
[ +2 ] Influence Conflict (against owner faction)
[ +3 ] Wreck in Space (repair and refuel)
[ +3 ] Contact Introduction