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Star Traders is a game currently being developed.

Description[edit | edit source]

Star Traders is a turn-based strategy role playing game (RPG) inspired by titles like as EVE Online, Elite, Master of Orion and other classic RPGs. A careful blend of trading, adventure and tactics, Star Traders delivers an in-depth sci-fi RPG in a mobile form.

Star Traders was created by Andrew and Cory as an experiement in game design -- the first iterations of the game in 2010 included a complete political and economic simulator but lacked a polished user interface. Energized by the amount of interest and excitement in Star Traders RPG, Andrew and Cory formed Trese Brothers and started turning out the updates ... over a hundred in the first year alone.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • 6 Playable Character Classes, each with unique abilities
  • Over 500 ship types and 60 upgrade options allow for millions of configurations
  • Thousands of sectors, hundreds of planets and destinations to explore
  • Dynamic six faction political system including Conflict and Rumors
  • A professionally composed soundtrack

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