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The Stellar Falcon was designed for short-range interdiction and Quadrant patrols. This popular military hull puts an emphasis on torpedo range engagement and heavy internal shielding. Carrying a crew of 30, the Stellar Falcon is popular with Bounty Hunters and Military Officers alike.

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Stellar FalconHammerhead Blue.png
Cost $540000
Fuel Tank 115
Cargo Hold 25
Hull 2050
Base Armor 5
Base Shields 9
Mass 5865 / 6000
Large Slots 4
Medium Slots 6
Small Slots 13
Engine M6000 Balanced Engine
Speed 15
Agility 15
Fuel per AU 3
Fuel per Combat 5
Fuel per Jump 32
Max Officers 5 (5)
Max Crew 30 (30)
Pilot 24
Navigation 28
Ship Ops 34
Electronics 34
Gunnery 25

Comparisons with Similar Ships[edit | edit source]

Stellar Falcon versus Dragoon Cruiser and Cautela Heavylift[edit | edit source]

The Stellar Falcon is an unlock-able ship accessible at the beginning of a game if you set your Ship priority to A. The Dragoon Cruiser and Cautala Heavylift are also available at priority A. So why choose the Stellar Falcon over these two when it is a 6,000 mass ship versus the two (very similar) larger 7,000 mass ships?

Pros for Stellar Falcon:[edit | edit source]

  • 75~80k cheaper
  • More fuel efficient (3 per AU versus 4 per AU), also costs 5 less fuel per combat
  • Tighter Crew for higher XP yield per character in early game and lower salary.
  • Far superior base shielding (9 versus 4)
  • Faster engine: both speed and agility are 3 higher than the 7k engine
  • Better dice pools for defensive combat: Ties on Pilot, Has superior Navigation, Better Electronics
  • Compensates for a weaker gunnery pool with a Sensor Array bonus.

Cons for Stellar Falcon:[edit | edit source]

  • Slightly less starting cargo space (25 versus 35)
  • One fewer officer capacity.
  • Smaller crew means less diversity and potential dice.
  • Has one fewer medium slot (but one more small slot) than the alternatives
  • Hull is considerably weaker (2050 versus 2500 or 2350)
  • Slightly worse Ops dice
  • Worse Gunnery dice leading to lower accuracy and weaker on-hit crippling effects
  • No medical facilities
  • No weapon options for range 1 ship combat.

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

The Stellar Falcon is a better starting ship for surviving rough encounters early on as the costs of travel and higher salary will hurt more in the larger ships. Starting with an extra credit buffer furthers this thought. It will perform better in most ship combat experiences early game because it is better at escaping and has better dice from its engine component. Its naturally high shielding is icing on the protective cake. It is, thus, the more conservative option for early to mid game play.

Going for either heavier ship is going to be tough to get going but either of them have more long-term potential than the Stellar Falcon due to their crew size and potential officer complement.