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These projects are provided by teams and individuals outside of Trese Brothers Games.

AJ'S STF Character Planner[edit | edit source]

STF Character Planner Interface

A detailed Officer / Job / Talent Character Planner for Star Traders: Frontiers.

Current Features:

  • Plan Bridge Crew, up to 7 officers
  • Plan Ship Layout
  • Plan Non-officer Crew
  • See Dice Pools for Crew and Ship
  • See Ship Combat Dice Pools
  • See Card Reward Pools
  • Output to Text File, for forum post
  • Save/Load to XML
  • Search All Talents by Job, Type, or Description term
  • Browse All Ships, Components, Weapons
  • Weapon Layout with range and damage

Read more:

GitHub Zip Direct Download

Contribute on GitHub

Requires .NET 4.0 runtime .Net 4.0 Installer

Contributor's XP Analyzer[edit | edit source]

A community driven analysis of XP gained by job, character activity and stellar date.

Added your own captain by filling out this Google Form.

View the aggregated results of all captains in this Google Spreadsheet.