House Thulun

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House Thulun
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"Nobility Is Earned."
Great House
Zone Bonus
+3 Icon prop credits.png Economy
+3 Icon prop starport.png Starport
Measure twice and cut once.
~ Thulun Proverb

House Thulun is often seen as the de facto leader of the Great Houses due to it's status as the oldest of the Great Houses. Its political influence, in synergy with its economic and military might, has allowed it to claim some of the best worlds. Its Grand Naval Academy, which trains its naval leaders, has a reputation for excellence. House Thulun's experience in construction guarantees all of their zones have strong economies and starports.

The scions of Thulun are charming, if at times haughty. They highly value classical education—in swordplay, diplomacy, philosophy, and the arts. Thulun leaders are known for their noble bearing and steady judgment. The scions of Thulun’s greatest bloodlines are known as the “red lions of Thulun.”

Reputation Maximums[edit source]

Selling Intel, faction maximum: 30 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 30 with Thulun, you will no longer gain faction Reputation from selling Intel to faction Contacts.

Selling Intel, Contact maximum: 50 Personal Reputation

Once your Personal Reputation with a particular Contact exceeds 50, you will no longer gain Personal Reputation for selling Intel to him or her.

Selling Rare Trade Goods, faction maximum: 40 Reputation

Once your Reputation reaches 40 with Thulun, you will no longer gain faction Reputation for selling Rare Trade Goods originating from a Thulun quadrant.

Faction Ships[edit | edit source]

Special Rules[edit | edit source]

Combining sure proficiency with advanced tech, Thulun starports repair ship hull and component damage in 20% less time than elsewhere.