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Introduction[edit | edit source]

There are two main types of unlocks: story unlocks that happen normally as you encounter and complete the various story lines in the game, and sprint unlocks, which require a certain number of operations in a strict time limit.

Story Unlocks[edit | edit source]

These unlocks happen as you progress normally within the story. There is no time limit. Most of the unlocks have an in-game reward for that game only; reading this table may possibly constitute a spoiler for the story. All of them also grant a permanent unlock for all future games (although currently the game does not contain values for all entries).

Name Goal Difficulty Reward Unlock Trigger
Vatborn Monster Defeat the unnatural monstrosity normal none Starting Profession: Assassin Support Zenette Faen
Hunter's Bane Defeat Bounty Hunter Zerod normal none Starting Ship: Degla Megalift Zerod will find you while you are carrying Val or Nikolai on your ship
Heir Apparent Protect the Faen heir normal none Coming soon Keep Valencia alive during the Duel of Assassins
De Rivesh Legacy Recover the Rivesh blade normal Equipment: Level 7 blade

Officer: Nariman

Starting Profession: Scavenger Triggers randomly on De Valtos planets; new contact Captain Khaern
Call of the Strong Rescue the shock trooper normal Officer: Vytautas Contact: FDF Commander Triggers randomly on Cadar planets with high military; new contact Russ Axeil; hard to complete with negative Steel Song reputation
Nikolai's Freedom Vindicate Nikolai normal Officer: Nikolai Starting Profession: Diplomat Triggers randomly on Moklumnue planets; new contact Spice Merchant Tuemette
Crowned Smuggler Help an underworld contact ascend normal Potentially large trading rewards Contact: Weapons Smuggler Triggers randomly when contacting a basic smuggler or fixer
Plague Breaker Cure the crimson pox normal none Contact: Academy Doctor Triggers during the Third Era
Coalition Founder Rally 3 princes to the Arbiter normal none Ship for Sale: Horizon Highliner Support Arbiter Estelle
Heir Slayer Execute Char heir hard none Contact: Court Assassin Support Erik Faen
Hunt the Hunter Defeat Bounty Hunter Zerod twice hard none Coming soon
Wrathful Corsair Strike down the pirate haunting Tuko hard Equipment: Level 11 pistol Coming soon Triggers randomly

Sprint Unlocks[edit | edit source]

These unlocks require you to complete a certain number of operations within a strict time limit. There is an unlock, but no in-game reward. If the unlock name is a link, click to visit its tips and tricks section immediately below.

Name Goal Difficulty Time Limit Unlock
Quick Survey Visit 10 planets normal 1 year Ship for Sale: Pallas Freighter
Expert Contractor Complete 10 missions normal 2 years Starting Ship: Galtak Freighter
Perfect Contractor Complete 25 missions without failing any normal none Starting Ship: Palace Interceptor
Faction Defender Patrol 50 times normal 2 years Starting Profession: Commander
Warrior Win 20 crew battles normal 5 years Starting Ship: Aeternum Vindex
Expert Xeno Hunter Win 5 crew battles against xeno normal 5 years Contact: Retired Xeno-hunter
First Blood Defeat 10 enemy ships in battle hard 2 years Starting Ship: Stellar Falcon
Big Network Meet 16 new contacts hard 2 years Starting Ship: Longbolt
Privateer Blockade 50 times hard 2 years Contact: Blackheart
Covert Operative Spy 50 times hard 2 years Contact: Ex-Spy
Adventurer Discover xeno artifacts 10 times while exploring hard 5 years Ship for Sale: Skylift Carrier
Master Adventurer Discover xeno artifacts 30 times while exploring hard 10 years Coming soon
Expert Prospector Explore 50 times hard 5 years Contact: Prospector
Master Explorer Explore 100 times hard 10 years Ship for Sale: Azurite Cruiser
Press Gang Conscript 20 crew hard 2 years Ship for Sale: Obsidian Carrier
Salvage Contractor Salvage at an orbital 25 times hard 10 years No reward
Warmaster Win 50 crew battles hard 10 years Ship for Sale: Victus Interceptor
Xeno Slayer Win 20 crew battles against xeno hard 10 years No reward
Antique Collector Recover 10 relics while salvaging hard 20 years Coming soon
Specialty Acquisitions Discover 15 stashes of Rare Trade Goods while salvaging hard 20 years Coming soon

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

This steam forum thread contains many tips for the unlocks: https://steamcommunity.com/app/335620/discussions/4/2534848209927685855/

This thread contains info on how to bundle multiple unlocks in a single run


Expert Contractor[edit | edit source]

Start with the default Smuggler Template (because he has lots of Contacts), use the default map and pick Moklumnue (because they have a nice, dense starting Quad). Ignore the Arbiter. Talk to every local Contact and do as many no-jump missions as you can - the first year or so, they give really easy missions. Load up on missions, I had 6 going at a time when I did the unlock.

First Blood[edit | edit source]

The Bounty Hunter template is especially good for First Blood as it features high Ship priority and high Experience. I'd suggest picking on weak targets like Smugglers, Explorers and Merchants. Try Blockading to find them. Since you don't care about Rep just destroy and salvage every ship for repair cash.

User nirlem@steam contributes: My successful attempt was made like this:

  • Made a Pirate with Dragoon Cruiser (Talent to replace blockade card with a merchant), Experience at B, Stats at C, (Helps on save rolls on blockades). Standard map, Thulun starting zone.
  • I escort the arbiter for some starting cash, then go to closest "enemy" planet to blockade.
  • As soon as I salvaged my first kill I went home and bought 1 lvl 5 torpedo, then back for more
  • after 2 more kills bought another lvl 5 torpedo.
  • 1 more kill and I upgraded 1 of my old torpedos to lvl 5
  • 1 more kill and I upgraded my 4th torpedo to lvl 5
  • 1 more kill and I got the speed matrix instead of passenger cabin.
  • Then I just stayed blockading/repairing until I finished (got 13 kills in 2 years)

Big Network[edit | edit source]

User dave@steam contributes: Starting: Contacts "A" gives you 8 right off the bat. Experience "B". Ship "C" Galtak freighter for 75 cargo (requires separate unlock on normal difficulty). I made sure to select all three contact types which give introductions as my first three selections so they are in my starting system. I gave my captain charisma 30 and the first level talent market confidant, so it has >40% chance to fire on each sale over 5000. For at least one officer, take second skill merchant and also get market confidant talent. Default map seed and Moklumne faction for best trading opportunities.

Trading: Only pick up items which are in a large enough quantity to sell for over 5000. If you get something that will sell for say 15K and market confidant is not on cooldown, sell half to get one try at market confidant, then the other half will still probably sell over 5k and get you another try. (The demand drops to F, so check your cooldown first.)

Introductions: you can see how many introductions each contact will give you by looking in their detail sheet, under "supporting", if there is no eye icon there then it would be a new introduction for you. Some contacts may have zero introductions to offer but it is unlikely. Cross them off your list if they have none, and keep track of when you have bought all their introductions.

I alternated between a big sale and buying an introduction, so I never ran out of cash but never got rich either. I bought the level 1 permit from Faen first, which makes it easy to profit on Luxury Clothing and Luxury Rations at all the pop planets in the quadrant. I did wind up leaving the starting quadrant once, to reach a contact with 2 introductions.

Note: Calagan does not count toward the contacts number needed for this achievement.

Adventurer[edit | edit source]

User areus aniketos@steam contributes: From my own experience so far, the things you should definitely do: 1) You must get the A5 weapons locker asap, or you're going to be very dead very soon. So you must first focus on making the money for the upgrade somehow fast. 2) Your custom template should be based on an explorer(later exo-scout) captain, and you should have one contact for recruiting exo-scouts and another for better weaponry. 3) You should get (at least) 2 exo-scout recruits asap. 4) You should buy the tier 6 weapons from your contact. 5) The moment there's an artifact find rumour you need to get to it asap.

User nirlem@steam contributes: i used a captain focused on crew combat (Zealot/Swordsman) 30 Quickness and Wisdom to get high initiative. i Bring both the Doctor/Combat Medic and a Pistoleer/Combat Medic to fights. Started with a contact to get Exo-scouts. (Got 2 of them) Started out running missions untill i could upgrade my weapons locker to A5. After that i started going to the wilds. This also works for Expert Xeno Hunter.

Press Gang[edit | edit source]

User Fortune918 contributes: Start a template with the Dragoon Cruiser, and dismiss 6 crew to make space. The Dragoon starts with 1 open crew bed, so this gives you space for SEVEN conscripts. I recommend you dismiss 4-5 gunners (the Dragoon starts with 10 and you simply don't need that many), 1 Pilot, and an E-tech if needed. Just be sure to stay above 100% on all of your Ship Pools. Then head to the nearest "enemy" planet in your starting quad and blockade. Attack non-combat captains like merchants, and disable them with torpedoes and Guided Fire (Pilot rank 1). You want to disable the ship WITHOUT boarding. Boarding combat kills enemy crew and is counterproductive to this unlock. After combat, conscript 7 enemy crew, land and dismiss them (most will desert the ship anyway). Repair your ship and do it again. Do this 3 times for the 20 conscripts and you are done! Completed in 15 weeks using this strategy. It can also easily be combined with the First Blood unlock.