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A catch-all term that describes a variety of carbon-based creatures which are extremely hostile to all other lifeforms across the galaxy. Xeno exhibit a general disinterest in each other but otherwise consume and destroy anything that stands in their path. Military minds, scholars and often too-eager lore experts categorize xeno as hive-based and insect-like in their behavior and biology. While there exists a wide variety of xeno lifeforms, they are all terrifying in combat, extremely hard to kill, and extremely lethal. Star Traders have had contact and conflict with the xeno for centuries but the Exodus has thrown the Star Traders into new galactic territory, much of which is infested with xeno.

Some of the Quadrants that were colonized by Star Traders after the great Exodus have been completely lost to the terror of the xeno and all human colonies have been wiped out.

Types[edit | edit source]

Terrox Xeno[edit | edit source]

The Terrox Xeno are the most common species in the galaxy. They are slow to expand territory and are ferocious on defence of their worlds. A Terrox Fleet attacked the colony ships that reached Cirm Quadrant. There Templar commander Major Luthor and a young Templar captain fought valiantly to save them

These are currently implemented in the game.

Jyeeta Xeno[edit | edit source]

The Jyeeta Xeno are known as a slow moving menace. What they lack in speed they make up in pure toughness. They like gas giants and nebulae and are hated by the Javat. A massive Jyeeta attack led to the death of Shalun himself, though the Templars were ultimately victorious.

These are currently implemented in the game.

Zenga Alien[edit | edit source]

The Zenga are a fast spreading species with a tendency to invade human worlds in search of food and raw materials. Colonists captured by the Zenga are never seen again and rumours of their fate can be devastating to morale.

Krangg Xeno[edit | edit source]

The Krangg Xeno are a mysterious species of xeno favoring hyperspace combat fast moving ships and brutal hit and run tactics. Little is known of their origin but once they are aware of faction settlements they attack without mercy or warning.

Xebolitis Xeno[edit | edit source]

The Xebolitis Xeno are a slow spreading alien species but should not be discounted as a threat. They tend to infest their worlds with millions of hostile beings and invasion of these systems require a dedicated battle force.

Xytox Xeno[edit | edit source]

First encountered by a templar squad in Kinassis Prime the Xytox Xeno are known for attracting Degenerate Humans, sparking Xeno cults, revolutions and trade in banned artifacts. Beware of morale impacts when fighting Xytox.

Red Zorga[edit | edit source]

The Red Zorga are a species of Xeno known for their rapid expansion and heavy aggression. Their ships are very fast, even for Xeno.

Callumus Xeno[edit | edit source]

Dark Terrox Xeno[edit | edit source]

The Dark Terrox have rarely been encountered, but are one of the most dangerous types of xeno. The Dark Terrox slaughter with extraordinary speed, and are difficult to kill even by xeno standards. It is unclear if the Dark Terrox are a variety of Terrox or a separate species entirely.

Knife Alien[edit | edit source]

Perhaps the weakest xeno species, the Knife Alien travel in ships smaller than those of most other xenos, and are only slightly more dangerous than average human soldiers in personal combat.

History[edit | edit source]

The Xeno origins stretch back to the time of the Alfaan and Xarth. These two great races fought a long and brutal war that left the hyperwarp in ruins. Each race worked to counter their enemy's strengths. As the Alfaan were energy based creatures, they created the Xeno, a carbon based lifeform that would be their weapon against the Xarth. The various races of Xeno likely worked much more cohesively at this point, serving as one vast hive, differentiated into genetic castes, rather than separate groups of predators that we see today. After the end of the war and the disappearance of the Alfaan, the Xeno effectively went feral, spreading across the stars, infesting worlds and killing whatever they found.